Santa’s Magic Footprints Package Contents:

1 Premium Reusable Stencil to make Right

and Left Footprints (6"x12")

1 Package Simulated Ash is washable and

safe for carpets

1 Santa "Thank You Note"

1 Package Magic Glitter

1 Applicator

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Writing Letters to Santa Package Contents:

1. "My Wish List" Stationary- Ready for your child to write their "Dear Santa,......signed: Your friend,....".

2. Santa Stationary for you to write your letter "From Santa to your Child" and suggested wording to get you started.

3. Steps for Helping Your Child in Writing their "My Wish List" Letter to Santa.

Magic Footprints, Inc. believes that having your child write their own letter:

  1. Encourages a love for letter writing.

  2. Actively engages parent and child interaction.

  3. Teaches them how to properly address a letter.

  4. The importance of a "Return address and Zip Code".

  5. Placement of stamps on an envelope.

  6. And how amazing that a "First Class Stamp" can get a letter all the way to the North Pole!

  7. 4."Thank You Note" included to teach your child the importance of sending a "Thank You Note”

  8. to Santa after Christmas.

  9. Teaches good manners and etiquette.

  10. Teaches your child to demonstrate why he is thankful and the value of acknowledging the gifts received.

5. Includes a Personalize "Post Card From Santa" that you as the parent will send back to your child (after he sends the "Thank You Note" to Santa. Includes suggested words to get you started.

The value of teaching letter writing skills and good manners in sending "Thank You" notes, give your children a great education and far exceeds just getting email messages on their computer.  It provides you meaningful time to spend with your child and enhances the joys of Christmas by starting the holidays with our Letter to Santa! The act of writing is personal and rewarding!

Together, "Santa's Magic Footprints" and "Writing Letters to Santa" will form lasting memories that will be talked about for years around the holiday table and Mom's and Dad's everywhere will celebrate the wonder of imagination and their part in keeping Santa alive in their hearts!